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Dark Wolf Running

When I was offered Dark Wolf Running by Harlequin viaNetGalley in exchange for an honest review, I did not connect it with Rhyannon Byrd’s Bloodrunners Series immediately. It was so long since I had read the first four books in the series.
However, when I started reading, it all came back to me. I am happy that Elise Drake, the Dark Wolf who was raped by three unknown lycans, got a book for herself. After being mistreated by her father and later on by her packmates for no fault of hers, it was wonderful that she got someone as worthy and sexy as Wyatt Pallaton to cherish her.
I also loved that I got to see all the main characters from the previous books in the series living happily in the Alley. Apart from that, I also heard about Eli, Elise’s other brother. Wonder if something is brewing between him and Carla Reyes and him, just as it seems to be doing between Cian Hennessey and Sayre Murphy. Can’t wait to find out…
The only grouse I had against the book is that after all the build-up given to the ‘secrets’ Elise and Wyatt had, they did not seem as crippling as that of some other characters. However, this was a wonderful read in that I knew that in the end there would be a ‘happily ever after’ for both of them.
Looking forward to more in this series…

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