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Eat My Globe: One Year to Go Everywhere and Eat Everything

The title says it all. This is Simon Majumdar‘s account of the year he spent travelling the world and sampling food. 

Majumdar, who is an author, food writer and broadcaster, was guided in this quest by people he met on food-related websites.The book is also about these people as much as it is about the food. 

 Majumdar describes the excellent guides who led him to good eating places and the large-hearted acquaintances who invited him to their homes and fed him delicious meals. It also has anecdotes of the Majumdar family, especially his brother (aka the Great Salami) and his Welsh mother Gwen.

Majumdar eats almost anything from rotten shark meat to cod sperm sushi and stir-fried rat to braised dog during his journey. Although some of his descriptions might make you nauseous, they are funny enough to make you enjoy them.

He maybe opinionated and egotistic but he is equally self-deprecating. The book is by no means thorough or well-written but is extremely enjoyable.

(Simon Majumdar is the co-writer of Dos Hermanos, one of the UK’s most widely read food blogs. He is also the author of another food/travel memoir, Eating For Britain.)

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