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Driftwood Tides

Summary: Libby Slater is about to marry Rob, a lawyer, in two months. Although her mother Caroline dislikes him, she is trying to plan and micro-manage every detail of the wedding. One day, Libby discovers by accident that the not-so-affectionate Caroline is not her birth mother. Libby confronts her and sets out to find her birth parents with the adoption papers Caroline gives her.

What she finds is the alcoholic husband (Holton) of her mother (Adele), who died five years ago.  He has a dog (Rufus); an assistant (Tess); a crumbling shack and a studio; a mountain of debts; and a rival (Henry), who is hell-bent on destroying him financially.  After finding Holton, Libby’s life changes in many ways. She discovers what her mother was like and then even finds her biological father.
My thoughts: Driftwood Tides is a story about redemption, restoration, forgiveness and hope. The characters in the story face challenges and find ways to overcome them. The events are described in a subtle way so that they do not overwhelm you.
The relationships between Holton and Tess, Libby and Rob, and Libby and Caroline are shown as evolving and reaching a comfortable phase.
Holton is similar to driftwood—broken and useless. By the end, he changes so much so that he resembles the sculptures he fashions out of them—worthwhile and appreciated.
The book contains no profanity, overtly sexual scenes or extreme violence. It has lovely descriptions of the ocean, the beach and the art that Holton and Tess create.
It gives valuable insight into alcoholism and Al-Anon. Although the story has Christian undertones and could have easily turned preachy but Gina Holmes has not let it be so.
I laughed and cried when I was reading it, which is a huge plus in favour of a book.  There is so much more to say about this story. I won’t because you should find out for yourselves.
Note: The book was given to me by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. I thank them for that.

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