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You Had Me at Bonjour

Summary: Jessica decides to take a gap year in the south of France after her husband Ben leaves her for another woman, Samantha. It is her way of coping with her divorce and loss of her job.

Although she is miserable in the beginning, she gradually gathers courage to meet people and make friends. She starts writing a blog, which reads like a diary, because she wants to write the angst out of her life. Later, this becomes the basis for a column and a book. She also falls in love with her neighbour’s nephew Nino.

My thoughts: This book is what they call a ‘light, breezy read.’ It is a feel-good story, with a predictable happy ending. I enjoyed it because it is always reassuring to read about people getting up and pressing on however hard they are knocked down.

It is well-written because the story seems to stem from real experiences from Jennifer Bohnet’s life. The descriptions of places Jessica visits, her career and interests (gardening and wandering around vide greniers) all mirror the author’s life.

Note: This book was given to me by Carina UK in exchange for an honest review. I thank them (especially Sara Veal) for that.

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