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Confessions of the World’s Oldest Shotgun Bride

Summary: Business executive Katie is focussed on her red-hot career. She meets her much younger next-door neighbour, Steve, on a vacation to the Grand Cayman. He has turned into an ultra-sexy, surprisingly sweet, Air Force pilot from the cute, chubby boy she used to baby-sit. Steve, who has fancied Katie since he was a kid, is still enamoured with her. The chemistry between them is hot and they sleep together. She falls pregnant. He is hell-bent on making her his forever.

My thoughts: When I saw the title, I expected that the book would be on par with ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ or ‘Gone with the Wind’. The title held so much promise. However, this turned out to be an average romance. There were no ‘confessions,’ and the book is written from the perspective of both the main characters.
After her services as an Air Force JAG ended, the author Gail Hart settled in as a lawyer and manager for the US government; so she is comfortable writing about the professions of Katie and Steve. All the characters, except Katie’s mother Glenda, are believable.
It seemed as though Gail was in a hurry to finish the book. There was no description of the San Diego presentation that seemed so important to Katie; it was dealt with in a few congratulatory words from her boss. I expected a scene of triumph, glory and fireworks because her former boyfriend Jeff was also there, representing a competing firm. 
I wish I had paid attention to the blurb and not gone by just the title. I think I would have enjoyed the book more.
Note: This book was given to me by All Night Reads in exchange for an honest review. I thank them for that.

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