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A Little Christmas Jingle

Summary: In this book by Michele Dunaway, veterinarian Dr. Katherine Saunders has a clinic and a no-kill shelter for animals. She is in trouble because she does not have the permit for it. Moreover, some people in the neighbourhood do not like the clinic being there and have been filing false complaints of animal neglect against it.
She meets Detective Jack Donovan, the only member of the city’s Animal Cruelty Task Force, at a ball they both attend, where they share a mistletoe kiss. They meet again when Jack responds to a call from the scene of a badly abused and burned pit bull puppy and takes it to Kat’s clinic, which is nearby. Kat names the puppy Jingle.
He knows about the alleged violations and sees that they are false when he checks out the clinic premises. He offers to help Kat with her legal issues in exchange for a favour: he wants Kat to pretend to be his girlfriend for his step-sister’s wedding and for family outings during the holidays.
Jack and Kat like each other right from the start but think that a relationship between them will not work out. Just as in the previous book I reviewed, Kat does not want to just have a fling; Jack does not want any long-term commitment. However, as they spend time together their feelings for each other grow.
My thoughts: The book has all the necessary elements for a quick, warm read: two people slowly falling in love; quirky characters; a small-town attitude; a young puppy; and festivity at Christmas. Even the animal abuse part in the book is dealt with in a comforting way. It delivers what it says in the title: a little Christmas jingle!
Note: I received this book from St. Martin’s Paperbacks in exchange for an honest review. I thank them for that.

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