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The Love List

Summary: Nora King lives for the family company that has been bequeathed to her by her father. She suppresses all emotions, especially grief for the loss of her father, hiding behind the facade of a businesswoman. The only glimpse at the true Nora that she allows is indulging in shoes.
Ethan Love owns the luxury gym chain Love Leisure, which he uses to make money while he goes all over the world as part of a disaster relief and rescue team. He has some problems after his last assignment that he needs to resolve before going on another one. In the meantime, he is in town to help his brother Ryan, who happens to be Nora’s sister Sephy’s ex. He hopes to enlist Nora’s help to influence Sephy to help Ryan.
Nora and Ethan meet at her office on the morning she is due to make a presentation to a potential client. She accidentally super-glues her shoe to her hand and tries to hide it. Ethan comes to her rescue by taking over. He handles the presentation successfully and lands her the contract.
This book by Eve Devon is about how they handle their troubles and grief and eventually fall in love.
My thoughts: This romance story has an excellent mix of humour and angst.
The plot, romance, relationships are all believable. So are the characters.
Nora and Ethan have a lot in common than great chemistry. They run businesses; have issues with their parents; look out for their siblings; and are emotionally troubled. Their love story is tender.
All the above makes the book an enjoyable read.

Note: Harper Impulse gave me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I thank them for that.

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