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Christmas with a Billionaire


Billionaire under the Mistletoe
This is Sophie’s first Christmas since her mother’s death following a long illness. She overhears Max tell his PA, her cousin Sally, to have ‘Christmas Delivered’” for his visiting sister and niece. A horrified Sophie persuades Sally to let her be the deliverer and sets out to make a wonderful Christmas for Max and his family. She and Max do not get along well in the beginning. As they spend time together, Sophie finds out why Max avoids Christmas celebrations and Max understands why Sophie does not spend Christmas with her family and friends.
This story by Carole Mortimer is about how two sad souls help each other to reclaim joy during Christmas.
Snowed in with Her Boss
Luc Chevalier drags his PA, Amelia, along with him on a last-minute business trip to buy a property just before Christmas. He does not celebrate Christmas and is not close to his family because of his troubled past. Amelia is engaged to a man who has serious issues of his own. She continues with the farce of an engagement because she doesn’t want to disappoint her family.
The owner of the property thinks Amelia is engaged to Luc because he notices her engagement ring. Luc, who is attracted to Amelia, does not correct him and they are forced to spend time at close quarters when they are snowed in.
This story by Maisey Yates is about how Luc and Amelia help each other to realize what is really important in their lives.
A Diamond for Christmas
Riley and James Moreau, her best friend’s brother, were an item ten years ago. However, Riley’s father convinces her that at nineteen she was too young and inexperienced to be in a committed relationship. She is scared and runs. When she gets back, James is engaged to someone else.
She starts working for hium. Although his engagement doesn’t last, Riley and James do not get back together. They sleep together a couple of tmes, which James tells her was a mistake. Riley is upset because she cannot continue like this. She wants to leave after Christmas.
This story by Joss Wood is about how Riley and James understand how much they mean to each other and resolve their issues.

My thoughts: I enjoyed the book.

All three stories were different and believable.They had great characters, good story lines, and were true to the Christmas theme.
Overall, a good festive anthology that delivers what it promises.

Note: The publishers, Harlequin, gave this book to me in exchange for an honest review. I thank them for that.

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