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The Odyssey of Falling

Summary: Audrey Ashworth is an exceptionally intelligent girl trying to come to terms with the death of her best friend Meredith. She is also trying to cope with her infatuation with Meredith’s boyfriend Chase.

She wants to go to the Manhattan School of Music, with which Bandit, another of her friends, is helping her. 
Audrey believes that the universe delivers ‘signs’ and is intent on following them. So when she finds Meredith’s journal in Chase’s car, she decides to do the bucket list tucked inside the pages. She wishes to find closure and to honour her friend.
This book by Paige Crutcher is about how Audrey falls into trouble, adventure, and finally love.

My thoughts: This book describes the lives of teenagers and how they are trying to make sense of their lives. The word ‘describe’ is apt here because it is not just a story but a long series of experiences (as the title suggests) that seem to make sense in the end.

I do not want to classify this as a romance or a YA book because I think it transcends all that; it is a good book. I read it without knowing what to expect and loved every bit of it.
Although it is about a group of teenagers, the characters are not stamped with one characteristic. Each one is distinct, real and well-conceived.
Paige writes well. I laughed and cried while reading the story, which is a point in favour of the book as I have mentioned before in my earlier reviews. I thought about the characters after I finished reading the book.  I even missed them!
My only criticism is that the timeline was slightly confusing; I needed to check more than once to find the chronology of events.
I hope Paige write more books. That says it all, doesn’t it?
Note: Samantha Lien at JKSCommunications gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. I thank her for that.

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