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Blame it on the Mistletoe

Summary: Brooke Abbott has to increase business or her small-town Missouri boutique Sweet Opal Studios will go under. She needs a miracle.

She has been staying in the apartment above the store to save money, without informing the landlord. One day finds a burglar lurking in the back room of her shop. She discovers that it is not a burglar but the landlord’s grandson, Alex Coleman, who is back for a visit and is planning to stay in the apartment.
Alex is Brooke’s brother Ryan’s best friend, and they are friends from childhood. He allows her to stay there and promises not to tell his grandmother about it.
This book by Nicole Michaels is about how they fall in love despite the troubles in their past and the misunderstandings in their present.
My thoughts: This is a quick read. It is cute, funny and light. 
The characters are well developed. There is good chemistry between Brooke and Alex.
As usual in such books, there is worry and misunderstanding because of miscommunication, which predictably clears up in the end.
Overall, this is a good book to relax with during the holidays.
Note: The publishers, St. Martin’s Press, gave this book to me in exchange for an honest review. I thank them for that.

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