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At Bluebonnet Lake

Summary: Kate and her grandmother Sally arrive to a month at Rainbow’s End Lodge in Texas’ Hill Country. Having spent time there 50 years ago, with her husband Larry, Sally remembers it as a wonderful Christian resort.

Kate is disappointed at the state of the resort. It has suffered several years of neglect and the new owners have turned away from the Christian aspect of it in a bid to bring in more visitors.
The only bright spots are Carmen, the excellent cook; Kevin, Olivia and Brandi (KOB), the teenagers doing summer jobs as helpers, Greg, the handyman; and some of the other visitors, especially Roy, a widower who has his meals at Rainbow’s End.
Slowly, Kate starts to see the potential in the resort and the locality helps some local businesses and falls in love with Greg, who is not what his appearance suggests. Similarly, Sally falls for Roy.
This book by Amanda Cabot is about how the lives of Kate, Sally, and Greg change as they spend time at Rainbow’s End.

My thoughts: I was enamoured by the title because I know bluebonnets are beautiful. I was happy reading Amanda’s descriptions of bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush and the countryside.

I liked the cover; however, I wished it had bluebonnets in the background. The book is comforting and clean but slow and slightly longer than needed. 

Although it does not do so explicitly about it, this book hints at the idea of ‘God’s plan’. All the main characters feel and think about how they were meant to come or lead to Rainbow’s End.
The main characters as well as Carmen, KOB, Drew, Samantha, Lauren and even people with slight negative shades, such as Drew, Angela and Tim, are interesting. All characters have troubles and overcome them; however, none of those seem exciting.
This is a feel-good story. So if you feel depressed and down, this is a perfect pick-me-up.
Note: The publishers, Revell (a division of Baker Publishing Group), gave this book to me in exchange for an honest review. I thank them for that.

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