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Snowbound in Montana

Summary: Eliza Bramble runs Bramble House, a bed-and-breakfast establishment. She writes a blog post on decorating for the holidays. It goes viral and she is interviewed on a live TV show. John Urban, her former boyfriend and famous country music star, phones in and books a room for Christmas on the spot.
Eliza signs up for a Christmas mountain ski adventure with a group of people to escape two-timing John. The guide for the tour is Marshall McKenzie, an avid outdoorsman who has a special touch with people. 
A blizzard traps the group in a mountain cabin, with limited supplies and power. Although Eliza is stuck with some bored and upset people, she does not complain and helps Marshall in coping with the situation.
This book by C.J. Carmichael is about how Eliza and Marshall overcome challenges and cope with insecurities to reach their happy ending.
My thoughts: This is not a usual romance story because there are not many so-called ‘romantic’ moments.   It conveys the message that Christmas, or for that matter life itself, need not be opulent or with all the trimming s to be enjoyed. It can be simple and meaningful if joy is shared.
This is also not a standalone story because there is no real background on Eliza and Marshall; there were only glimpses. I felt I was being chided for not reading the series to which some characters of this book belong.
I liked all the characters, the setting, the descriptions, the message and the plot.
I loved Eliza and Marshall because they face their problems with courage, cope with whatever they have, and do not complain. I just wish their story was written with a little more care.
Note: The publishers, Tule Publishing, gave this book to me in exchange for an honest review. I thank them for that.

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