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Christmas at Waratah Bay

Summary: Sarah Carlton, a successful model, has come to Waratah Bay from New York to visit Harold Leishman who is in the hospital. She considers him her grandfather and wishes that he spends what could possibly be his last Christmas at his home.

Farming tycoon Max Ramsey bought Harold’s home and has been a friend to him ever since. He mistakes Sarah for one of Harold’s adopted daughters, who he knows are greedy just like their mother. Sarah does not correct him and carries on with her plan on taking Harold home.
Max worries about Harold’s health and invites them to celebrate Christmas at his house (Harold’s house that he bought). However, he still hopes to have a quiet and peaceful Christmas. 
Sarah goes all out with the decorations and food. She also welcomes Max’s sister and her family who land there because of an unforeseen situation.
This book by Marion Lennox is about how Sarah and Max, who are lonely people with past secrets, fall in love with each other amidst an unexpectedly hectic Christmas.
My thoughts: This is a sweet, emotional holiday story, which emphasizes the importance of family and friends rather than wealth and luxury.
Although Sarah is shown as a beautiful and strong woman who makes things happen, her cooking skills or the lack of them makes her more believable. Although Max seems grumpy and anti-social, he is a true friend to Harold and a great brother to his siblings.
I also liked Max’s sister and her family almost as much as I liked Max, Sarah and Harold.
Marion’s description of the Christmas holidays with all the craziness of unexpected guests, dogs, and a stubbornly frozen turkey is wonderful.

Although this is the first book in the ‘Christmas Around the World’ series, it has a standalone story.

Note: The publishers, Tule Publishing, gave this book to me in exchange for an honest review. I thank them for that.

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