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The Girl With No Past

Summary: In the year 1919, a woman crash lands in the past, unable to recall even the most basic facts about herself. Her quest for answers turns up more questions, until by chance she meets Damian Glass. After all, some things are meant to be. Or are they?
As Damian helps her discover her unlikely identity, her future comes calling, and she finds herself catapulted into a world of passion, intrigue and danger, where friends and foes merge together, and doesn’t know whom to trust.
When she finally uncovers the mystery of what happened to her, and why, she must face an astounding new reality: What if fate isn’t fate at all? What if it can be controlled?

My Thoughts: As soon as I started reading the summary, I was disappointed with myself for agreeing to review this book because the first sentence said “In the year 1919, a woman crash lands in the past…”
I generally avoid speculative fiction.
However, a promise is a promise. So I started reading. In the initial pages, some descriptions irked the editor in me. As I read further, I started noticing them less. I liked the suspense and the crazy explanations.
The plot and the characters were interesting. Josie, Alfred, Smalls, Lucian and Stellan fit well and seamlessly into the bizarre, yet likable, story.
Certain things, such as how Damian managed to reach where he was and was so well-integrated there that he could find a job for Emma, are conveniently glossed over.
All in all, this is a good, fast-paced read. I think I might even consider reading the author’s other book, The Red Ribbon
Note: This was given to me in exchange for an honest review by the author, Rachel Ledge.

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