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Gray is the New Black

This book by Jo Michaels had an interesting premise—a group of grannies, who have been friends all their lives, come together to fight crime. Although over 50, they are quite unlike the ‘normal’ sweet little old ladies that the word granny conjures up.
They have wildly colored hair and frequent bars and strip clubs in their fact-finding missions. And if that is not enough, their professions are anything but run of the mill—ballistics expert, chemical engineer, edged weapons expert, master of martial arts, and former police officer.
After living away from each other, they are now back together in Atlanta. Because they’re bored, they put their skills to good use and solve a crime. If you thought that is the whole story, you’d be mistaken. This is just a prelude to them being recruited by a secret organization named CDC and to further adventures to be expected in later books in the series. Therein lies the problem.
I started reading the book because of the exciting premise and was looking forward to what these guerilla grannies were about to do. But not in this book, they don’t. They solve the crime and catch the criminal in the first half. The rest of the book is pretty much getting recruited by CDC and getting set up in new homes that have a command center and all the latest gadgets they need in their future adventures.
Although the book alludes to the grannies’ professions and expertise were, there is no clear mention of it anywhere, except in the case of Ethel, the former law enforcement officer.
I enjoyed the book for its premise and its future possibilities. However, I felt that it functions only as a series of incidents that sets the scene for the books to come.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout in exchange for an honest review.

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