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After Brynn Cadogan’s fiancé Jem is killed in a mass shooting, she almost cuts herself off from the world. One night, while looking through Jem’s things, she finds his phone. On it is his last message to her—just the words ‘Mount Katahdin’, which is Jem’s favorite mountain. Brynn interprets this as him telling her to climb this mountain, and she is determined to do so.
Cassidy Porter is the son of Paul Isaac Porter, who died in a fight while in prison for the brutal murder of 12 girls. Cassidy learns that his father is a serial killer when he is eight years old. He is ostracized for the sins of his father. His mother takes him to live off-grid at his grandfather’s place on the Katahdin mountain.
His mother and grandfather fear that Cassidy might take after Paul. They instill the same fear in him. Although he is attracted to Brynn as soon as he sees her on the mountain, Cassidy follows her from afar. 
He intervenes when another man tries to harm Brynn and saves her life. He takes an unconscious Brynn to his cabin to recuperate from her injuries. He slowly nurses her back to health. 
They fall in love. Cassidy fears that he could someday turn into a killer like his father and denies his love for Brynn. Then comes the plot twist that ensures that they end up together.
The characters are well-crafted. Katy Regnery has used wonderful imagery and details that help readers understand them well. Great descriptions add to the setting of the story. Although it drags its feet at places, Unloved is a good read.
However, after training to be an editor and working for so long as one. I cannot keep my inner critic aside. I disliked the way the twist worked. What it does is reiterate that a child will turn into or follow their parents because he/she shares their DNA. Nature wins over nurture, no matter what?! I consider this a major flaw in the book.

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