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Bucket showers & Baby Goats

Summary: Bucket Showers & Baby Goats is a non-fiction narrative based on the author Christine Brown’s experiences volunteering in the Volta Region of Ghana.
While living in the community, Brown describes the village life quite vividly. Not only are the readers given a glimpse of the lives of the families of Saviefe, but they are also introduced to the much-needed tasks related to an unfinished library, the very essential sex education workshops for students, etc.
My thoughts: The book felt disorganized to me. I really considered not finishing it. I wish it was better edited and structured. Some descriptions, such as a few pages on how to draw water from the well using a bucket and the difficulties in traveling in a crowded tro-tro, made the book sound like a whine-fest. Moreover, I got the feeling that Brown was totally unprepared for a visit to Africa.
Having said that, she shows the stark reality of life in Saviefe, with a dash of humor and naivete. Besides, on her website, she writes: “…the journal format of the story is as true and raw as I felt it to be at the time.” So, although the book’s contents don’t match the excellent title, I am not totally disappointed. 

Note: I received an ARC of the book via BookSirens in exchange for an honest review.

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