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Tiny Beautiful Things

In December 2019, I had decided that I would read only memoirs in 2020, which seems quite silly in hindsight. I came across Cheryl Strayed’s Wild when I was preparing a list. As usual, I googled to know more. It was then that I learned about Tiny Beautiful Things. 
I added it to my humongous TBR list, thinking it might be a good book to read between the memoirs. It was. However, not as a stopgap but as a book full of wonderful wisdom couched in beautiful writing. 
Tiny Beautiful Things is a collection of letters written to agony aunt Sugar (Cheryl) and her replies to them. Cheryl received emails from thousands of depressed, broken, self-deprecating, vulnerable people. They revolved around a wide range of issues, such as grief, family problems, infidelity, and a general feeling of confusion. 
Cheryl’s replies are honest, genuine, and inspirational. They give you an insight into her complex, angst-filled life experiences of addiction, abuse, lack of self-esteem, and irrecoverable loss. She is accepting, non-judgmental, and tries not to hurt anyone. 
This book made me laugh, cry, and think. I wanted to share parts from it with others. I will read it again. I recommend it, especially if you are going through difficult times. There might be some nugget of wisdom in there for you too. 

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