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From A Wonky Path To An Open Road

Although I had set out to read memoirs in 2020, this book was not on my list. I did not even know that Janey de Nordwall existed. Thanks to BookSirens, on whose list of memoirs this book showed up. They gave me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
And boy! Was this a pleasant surprise!
Nordwall is dyslexic. She was written off as ‘lazy’ and ‘thick’ by some. However, she overcame a lot of obstacles and went on to become a BAFTA-winning film producer.
In this book, she describes her trip to Scotland with her cat Kenny in her 1970s VW campervan. She intersperses her exciting, and often hilarious, adventures with important incidents from her life. Just as her experiences showed her, I too believe that you can find good kind people in unexpected places.
I am not supposed to drive and may certainly not travel alone on such a long journey. However, I love reading such memoirs. I felt as though I was with Nordwall on this journey. The cat Kenny also delighted me.
Overall, a delightful book!

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