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Adventures of an Urban Homesteader

This book reminded me of the 2015 film It Had to Be You. The protagonist Kendall thinks she knows what she wants. However, she is clueless when it comes to articulating it and trying to achieve it. It is funny (and painful, at times) reading how she blunders through her life, trying to make sense of herself and others.

Kendall’s efforts at reaching her goals are aided by a few interesting secondary characters—her friends, landlord and wife, parents, and sister. She learns that not everything needs to go her way for her to reach her goals.

In this book, the author Brooke L. Davis shows how we, regardless of our age and other accomplishments, can have no clear idea about ‘adulting’ or independence. She also manages to convey that this is fine as long as we don’t harm anyone deliberately.

Is this a great read?
Would I read it again?
Would I like to read its sequel?
Yes, because I would like to know what happened to the secondary characters.

Note: BookSirens gave me a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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