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One Hour Content Plan

The One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand did not deliver in terms of its title. I am yet to develop a content plan. However, this is not because I couldn’t if I wanted.
I spent far more time on it than one hour, reading and noting down points. I am focusing on what I want to blog about and why because this book will work only if I am clear about that.
Kothand does not give you a list of content ideas. Instead, she describes helpful methods to generate them, whether you are just starting your blog or are a seasoned blogger trying to refine your content creation. She also explains how to use these methods with examples and ideas.
The book is short, free of fluff, and easy to understand. It has practical knowledge and well-organized how-to steps on branding, discovering your ideal reader, and marketing and promoting your blog.
There are many links to web pages with various forms and other related content. Those pages contain calls to action to sign up for her newsletter. I didn’t find it annoying because you are under no obligation to do so.
My verdict? A good book that will help you to design a logical, well-structured content plan.

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