Tell Her She Can’t

Tell Her She Can't by Kelly Lewis


Who says you can’t?

Tell Her She Can’t is the manifesto for every woman who has been told she isn’t strong enough, smart enough, or capable enough to excel—and the motivational anthem for those who have succeeded despite doubt. Your vision of change is possible, with the right guides to light your way.

Entrepreneur Kelly Lewis shares the true stories of 35 inspirational women who overcame the naysayers to achieve “impossible” dreams. Learn from trailblazers who tackled outdated typecasts in Hollywood and champions who advocate for greater representation of Indigenous cultures.

Tell Her She Can’t is packed with motivational stories of adventurers, changemakers, and prevailers who have taken on the world to become pioneers in their fields or challenged gender stereotypes to build million-dollar businesses.

These inspiring women transformed adversity into a springboard for empowerment and success—and you can too.

You’ll discover:

  • How to reframe life’s challenges into unique opportunities with Tools to Triumph.
  • Key strategies to boldly turn negativity into resilient fuel and break boundaries holding you back.
  • Why others say you can’t—and what they really mean when they do.
  • A celebration of defiance, resilience and feminine strength.
  • Inspiration from women at all stages of life who prove that nothing is off-limits.

A powerhouse guide for every modern woman and girl, Tell Her She Can’t invites you to blast past the gatekeepers of “can’t” and become unstoppable.


This book is a non-fiction anthology of 35 stories of women who were told they can’t accomplish what they wanted but proved otherwise in style. The stories are not uniform in length or tone but are bound together in various sections by the common attitude/characteristic/ability of the women they feature.

In between these stories, Lewis shares her insight on the particular attitude/characteristic/ability on which a section focuses. This makes the book a cohesive whole despite the diversity of the women and the stories featured.

The book has some errors: for example, at one point in Stephanie Plymale’s story, it is given “They have now been married for over 35 years” and at another, “… has been married to her high school sweetheart for 30 years.” Such errors could have been avoided had the book been proofread well.

I like stories of second chances, of empowerment, of success after years of failure and disappointment. My life story can be summarized as ‘She got back up after each fall, however severe the injuries were.’ So, it was only natural that I liked Tell Her She Can’t.

I received an advance review copy from BookSirens in exchange for an honest review.

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