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Summer of Georgie

Summer of Georgie by Kerry Crisley


Deep into her 40s with a lackluster career, Georgie wonders how she became so…underwhelming. If she’s not battling her micromanaging boss and egotistical CEO, she’s trying to quiet her inner voice, the one whispering that she hasn’t lived up to the cool, funny and creative person she used to be.

When she’s fired for finally pushing back on her CEO’s questionable business practices, Georgie – with the support of her husband and book club friends– uses her free summer to rekindle latent talents and redefine success. But just as she figures out what’s next, an unexpected hurdle threatens to turn her summer of opportunity into a zero-sum disaster.

Summer of Georgie is a fresh and likably snarky take on the “middle age do-over,” with an authentic portrayal of friendship, marriage, motherhood, and that inner critic inside us all.


This debut novel by Kerry Crisley was just what I needed after reading so much nonfiction. It also helped me navigate through a few days of physical pain.

A job for which the protagonist Georgie is overqualified and a terrible boss who does not appreciate her—something that many of us can relate to. Of course, Georgie is fired when she is assertive and refuses to bow down to unreasonable demands. Then you see her being assertive, unleashing her creativity and passion, and forging ahead to grab her dreams.

That and the portrayal of the supporting characters won me over. Her husband Dan seemed very realistic in that although he worries about their finances, he supports her wholeheartedly. Her parents, her friends, and her children are also similar to people you might meet in your everyday life.

A fun read, this book will make you root for Georgie’s success. I enjoyed it more because it is about women helping other women.

Note: I received an advance review copy from BookSirens in exchange for an honest review.

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