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A Thousand Reasons Not To Run

A Thousand Reasons Not to Run by Trish Taylor


Traumatized by a childhood tragedy and her ongoing therapy no longer effective, Lexi lives a lonely life in Tribune, a small town nestled on a bayou in the southern United States. Her therapist offers an ultimatum: find friends or find another therapist.

Lexi reluctantly joins a running program that meets at the Volt, an egalitarian waterfront center that is the pride of the town. Just as she begins to develop friendships and enjoy some safety, she learns of a secret plot to close the Volt, scatter its resources, and sell the prime land to a mysterious group of investors.

As she makes the decision to put her job, her anonymity, even her life on the line to save this precious refuge, a stranger arrives from her past with a story she doesn’t want to hear.

Join Lexi and her band of reluctant runners as they uncover long hidden secrets and find the value of true friendship.


In this book, Trish Taylor tells the story of how a ragtag group of people works together to achieve something, despite their insecurities and struggles. They bond well and support each other while battling powerful adversaries.

Initially, the writing style did not sit well with me as the story seemed to start in the middle, without any background. Besides, I am not a great fan of flashbacks unless they are masterfully well-written. However, the story soon won me over as it had my favourite theme of second chances/starting over.

The book also had the right amount of mystery to keep me interested. The main character Lexi had a startling past. It is revealed slowly as the story unfolds.


Note: I received a free copy of the book from BookSirens in exchange for an honest review.

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