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How to read a book

Cover of the book How to read a book by Kelly Ana Morey


An award-winning novelist reveals the books that have captivated her and the influence they have had on her life and writing. Highlighting a true love affair with books, this story emphasizes the transformative power of the written word.


I wanted to get a less serious (or maybe a writer’s) perspective of how to read a book to balance Mortimer Adler’s book of the same name that I am reading.

However, this book is certainly not about ‘how to read a book’. It is about the reading and writing experiences of Kelly Ana Morey.

Reading it felt like being in a one-sided conversation with a learned writer friend who had definitive opinions on literature and books. Boy, did she have interesting things to say! Here is a sample.

I liked the book because it is informal, funny, and most importantly, realistic about everything. For example, the last two sections were a reading diary and a list of 100 good books. The diary shows how often Morey abandons books in favour of more interesting reads, even magazines.

More a memoir than a how-to book, this may not be for everyone.

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