You know you love a book when…

Source: Tumblr/Favim

You know you love a book when you:

  • Read it so many times that you know each sentence as though you wrote it.
  • Feel all the same emotions even when you read it the ‘n’th time.
  • Stop after each line, re-read it and think about it for hours hence.
  • Want to stop and make notes in your scrapbook frequently.
  • Keep quoting lines from the book.
  • Discuss it non-stop with your friends and family.
  • Tell the story to your children and grandchildren.
  • Forgo your favorite TV program to read it.
  • Keep on reading at meal times despite being hungry.
  • Keep reading it long after your usual bedtime.
  • Rush and buy your own copy as soon as you return your library copy.
  • Feel sad that the character on the cover does not have the face you imagined.
  • Start acting like one of the characters in the book.
  • Dream about the characters, events or the setting in it.
  • Wonder what happened to the characters after The End.
  • Wait for a sequel to the book or wish that it had a prequel.
  • Look forward to the film version with excitement.
  • Hate the film version because you feel it did injustice to the book.
  • Recommend it (and other books by the author) to all and sundry.
  • Stand patiently in long queues to meet the author.
  • Buy other books of the same author.
  • Google the author’s name and read up everything about him/her.
  • Wish that you had written this or a similar book.

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