Rosamunde Pilcher

Life is sweet. Beyond the pain, life continues to be sweet. The basics are still there. Beauty, food, and friendship, reservoirs of love and understanding. Later, possibly not yet, you are going to need others who will encourage you to make new beginnings. Welcome them. They will help you move on, to cherish happy memories […]


You know you love a book when…

You know you love a book when you: read it so many times that you know each sentence as though you wrote it. feel all the same emotions even when you read it the ‘n’th time. stop after each line, re-read it and think about it for hours hence. want to stop and make notes […]

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Good book, bad book

It has been long since I have reviewed a book. I have been intending to but work (editing and writing) and reading get in the way. Moreover, I have read so many interesting books these past few days that I am unable to decide which I should review first. Source: Favim Another thing that bothers […]