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Coming Home to You

Summary: Zoë Trent’s world is turned upside down when her seemingly healthy fiancé, Paul, dies suddenly. Zoë is so depressed that she is unable to cope with even simple, day-to-day tasks.
Zoë’s family and friends are extremely supportive but after nine months they think she should move on. Zoë’s best friends, Kate and Ray convince her to move out of her flat and help out Ray’s soldier friend Neil by house-sitting while he is away.
Zoë begins writing to Neil, who she has never seen. She does not send most of the letters, writing them in a journal.She leaves her job and starts her own business. 
By the time Neil returns, she finds another house and is well on the way to recovery. 
This story by Liesel Schmidt is about how Zoë returns back to normal life and the experiences and the people that help her to do so.
My thoughts: The author describes Zoë’s grief very well. The journal of letters she writes is a form of catharsis for her.
However, when she decides she hates her job and opens her store, I was disappointed that her act of strength and independence is not given enough emphasis. I would have liked to see how it all came about but the actual work she puts into her business is hardly mentioned.
The secrets that the male characters keep rather unnecessarily, especially from Zoë, annoyed me. If I start explaining them here, I will never finish this review. Let me give you one example: the secret that Ray kept from Neil regarding the house is rather ridiculous, whereas what he did to Zoë is extremely devastating. 
Although I loved the plot, I felt that it has not developed into a well-rounded story. That does not mean this is a bad book.
Every character feels joy, sadness, anger, disappointment and excitement, which is how it is in real life. They are all realistic and believable.
I expected Zoë to find love again, but where she finally finds it was a welcome surprise.
Although the story is about experiencing great tragedy and overcoming grief, which is a common theme, it has enough twists to sustain interest till the end.

Note: The publishers, Carina UK, gave this book to me in exchange for an honest review. I thank them for that.

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