Books Reviews

The Lighthouse Keeper

Summary: Laura, an artist, rents a beach cottage in Peron Cove for a few days where she plans to create her next series of paintings. She visits the lighthouse there as  she is drawn to it by visions of a girl in a white dress. She meets Ben, the current owner of the lighthouse, there. She learns that he has also has seen the girl. The book is about what they discover as they further investigate the appearance of this mysterious girl and what happens to them in the process of doing so.

My thoughts: This book is good for a short, light read. It feels like an episode of one of the better ghost series on TV. If the story had been treated well (maybe a better edit?), it could have had more suspense. As it is now, you can almost always guess what’s going to happen next. The only really surprising and refreshing thing in it is the relationship between heroine and her former lover.

Note: This was given to me in exchange for an honest review by the author Lily Night via Net Galley. I thank them both.

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