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Finding Forever

Right after being publicly dumped by his girlfriend, Michael Coniglio also loses his office job. He goes to his parents’ house, where his father mocks him, saying that he will never amount to anything.
The thoroughly dejected Michael meets Elvira Vaughn, a chatty, artsy, naïve young woman with many quirks. Elvira has a troubled past herself. She ran away from an abusive home ans aspires to be a Broadway actress.
This book by Anthony Sciarratta is the story of how they fall in love and break up, and get back together again. I received a free copy of this book almost a year ago from the publicist Jennifer Musico in exchange for an honest review. I saved it in an external hard disk and completely forgot about it.
Hopefully, the copy I received is not the final product because it is in dire need of good editing. The writing style is simplistic. There is nothing wrong with simple writing but this feels as though there was not much planning in the development of characters.
Every other page has some new characteristics of either protagonist, which makes it difficult to assimilate. There is a lot of telling and very little showing too. Even as you forgive all that and trudge on to the end, there are mysterious occurrences, described as Jesus working in their lives.
Now, I believe in God and miracles. However, it was strange seeing a simple love story take on Christian undertones suddenly.
I dislike not finishing books, which is the only reason I continued reading it. The experience was similar to unwrapping a candy only to discover a sweety with sickening artificial flavor and garish color. 

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